Additional Services

Millwrights, Water & Wastewater Systems, Building Automation, Utility & Energy Rebates, & HVAC Maintenance in Chicago, IL, Omaha, NE, St. Louis, MO, Pittsburgh, PA, Saginaw, MI, & Surrounding Areas

Additional Services for your Industrial Plants and Commercial Buildings

For over a century, Hayes Mechanical has provided best-in-class services for an array of industrial and commercial mechanical capabilities.


Our Millwright Teams have the expertise and experience to handle the most complex and stringent requirements in the industrial mechanical industry. With all eyes on safety and every thought on quality, Hayes Mechanical will deliver best-in-class performance all day, every day.


Hayes Mechanical’s Wastewater Team utilizes both industrial and commercial mechanical capabilities to deliver unmatched and uncompromising installations, upgrades, repairs, and service. From simple to complex, from repairs to projects, Hayes Mechanical’s team delivers for a variety of municipalities and in-plant/on-site wastewater systems, both large and small.


Hayes Mechanical’s Building Automation (BAS/BMS) Services Team provides the latest in open-architecture-based software systems to control your HVAC and related equipment. Our control systems team is your partner in providing building system controls, programming, and installations to meet your needs and maintain maximum uptime and productivity from concept to completion.


Save more money. How? In a word, rebates. Utility-based rebates have been a cornerstone to Hayes Mechanical’s industrial and commercial offerings since their inception. Hayes Mechanical has helped secure over $3,000,000.00 in utility rebates for our customers. Hayes Mechanical will work to help you qualify for these rebates and save you money, from large HVAC system upgrade projects to typical equipment replacement jobs and annual maintenance tasks.


Hayes Mechanical’s HVAC preventative maintenance services are a key component to our industrial and commercial customers’ success. Maximum uptime and team members’ comfort empower our customers to stay focused on their key business objectives. Whether entrusted with maintaining an entire location or complimenting on-site staff and maintenance personnel, Hayes Mechanical can provide the right preventative maintenance work at the right time.

Millwright Services for Our Clients’ Heavy & Light Industrial Machinery & Equipment

Our millwright technicians offer laser alignment, repositioning and equipment setting/relocation, motor and pump work, tank and vessel agitator/mixing work, forced and induced draft air work, vibration analysis, and fabrication services for your plant’s machinery and equipment. We have all the necessary skills and training to work on a broad range of systems and equipment, whether your work involves process pumps, fan/ventilation systems, manufacturing machinery, conveying systems, or a myriad of other heavy and light industrial equipment. Our Millwright Teams are experts at executing both capital and maintenance projects. Clients regularly rely on us to care for their equipment and systems by providing certified welding capabilities, metal fabrication services, laser alignment, motor and pump services, gearbox rebuilds and service, equipment re-shafting, machinery rebuilds, and many other essential industrial process and manufacturing services.

Water & Wastewater Systems Installation, Service, Repairs & Maintenance

Hayes Mechanical’s project managers and field teams have years of experience working with large municipal and plant or factory wastewater treatment plants. We specialize in installing, modifying, and repairing piping systems and mechanical equipment for this specialized field. Our teams have the expertise and knowledge required to service your wastewater treatment system and equipment.


Your wastewater systems and their related mechanical equipment are in good hands with our depth of experience and versatile skillset. We handle a wide array of services for both upstream and downstream requirements, including installing, maintaining, repairing, and servicing water treatment equipment, filter systems, piping systems, pumps, sludge handling/conveying equipment, drying systems, and more.

Building Automation Systems BAS/BMS

Hayes Mechanical has an elite team of project managers, programmers, and service technicians that can successfully install, service, and maintain your building automation equipment controls and systems. We provide open architecture, non-propriety, building automation software systems that provide seamless and efficient control of your building systems. Hayes Mechanical has extensive experience with Honeywell, KMC, Delta, Tridium/Niagara, ABB, Easy I/O, and Yaskawa, along with additional industry aftermarket open controls from Trane, Carrier, and Johnson Controls.


These outstanding systems, coupled with Hayes Mechanical’s expertise, allow you to easily automate and monitor your HVAC systems, plant and office comfort levels, lighting, building access, and energy management capabilities. Hayes Mechanical also provides ongoing building automation BAS/BMS system preventative maintenance, critical alarm monitoring, and typical system upgrades and modifications.

Utility & Energy Rebates

Running or managing a business, commercial property, condominium, or process/manufacturing facility means addressing and controlling utility costs. If lowering your energy costs sounds appealing, Hayes Mechanical can help you take advantage of utility rebates already in place. Our team of experts helps clients identify and implement natural gas- and electricity-related projects and services to boost their energy efficiency and lower operating costs. Businesses implementing these projects and services with our assistance have qualified for more than $3,000,000.00 in utility rebates.


Hayes Mechanical can assist with several cost-saving actions, including qualifying preventative maintenance services, high-efficiency equipment upgrades for HVAC equipment, boiler upgrades, burner system upgrades, and variable frequency drive installations. These types of utility-driven upgrades to your building’s or factory’s older systems can provide an attractive return on investment (ROI), lower your energy usage, and in turn, empower you to save money.

HVAC Maintenance to Keep Your Systems Performing

Hayes Mechanical’s comprehensive preventative maintenance agreements ensure our commercial and industrial clients’ HVAC and related mechanical systems perform reliably, efficiently, and safely. Our HVAC technicians and boilermakers stay abreast of the latest equipment technologies. With our depth of experience, we can also maintain and service older equipment and systems, including vintage steel boilers.


Hayes Mechanical leads the way by providing best-in-class preventative maintenance services for our industrial and commercial clients. Whether we are tasked with full site equipment maintenance responsibilities or we are asked to supplement in-house maintenance staff when needed, our customers can count on Hayes Mechanical to provide the right services at the right time to meet their requirements.

Hayes Mechanical Serves

All of Hayes Mechanical’s commercial and industrial clients, both large and small, receive the same exceptional service for their HVAC systems, industrial machinery, building automation, and any other project needs. Whether installing piping and equipment for wastewater treatment in Omaha, NE, or a Chicago, IL plant requires complete systems upgrade, our managers and technicians are able to provide the right solution and trade disciplines for the job.


Hayes Mechanical serves cities across the country, such as Chicago, IL, Omaha, NE, St. Louis, MO, and Pittsburgh, PA. Contact us today to discover how Hayes Mechanical can assist and enhance your business’s performance.