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Hayes University

Welcome to Hayes University

For over 100 years Hayes Mechanical has established itself as the leading resource for all facets of commercial and industrial mechanical services. Along with our focus on client relationships and our commitment to safety and quality, a key component to our success and longevity has always been built around our industry experience and knowledge.

In order to better serve our clients, we have developed Hayes University. Hayes University is an ongoing educational video web series that focuses on a variety of HVAC, boiler, plumbing and related mechanical system topics. The intention of these videos is to help provide our clients with a better understanding of how their equipment operates, what needs to be done to maintain these systems plus provide general information that will help clients make educated decisions. In addition to the web series, we will begin hosting online and in-person classes to help further educate our clients.
If you would like to be in the know about upcoming classes or new Hayes University videos, please sign up below and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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Boiler Basics & Combustion Analysis Tuning

In this video we review the essentials of burner maintenance, the importance of burner combustion analysis tuning, and review key system components and their functions.

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