Hayes University

Welcome to Hayes University

For over 100 years, Hayes Mechanical has established itself as the leading resource for all facets of commercial and industrial mechanical services. Along with our focus on client relationships and our commitment to safety and quality, a key component to our success and longevity has always been built around our industry experience and knowledge.

High Efficiency Packaged Rooftop Unit Installation

This video shows the installation process of high efficiency packaged rooftop units at our headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. Our HVAC systems were aging, inefficient, sustained damage from a hail storm and still used R-22. The new units we installed will save us money on our utility bills for years to come.

The Boiler Washout

In this session of Hayes University we review the importance of washing out your boiler and steps involved with the steel tube boiler washout.

The Chiller Teardown

In this session of Hayes University we review the importance of chiller teardowns and steps involved with the chiller teardown process.

Boiler Basics & Combustion Analysis Tuning

In this video we review the essentials of burner maintenance, the importance of burner combustion analysis tuning, and review key system components and their functions.

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