Industrial Boiler

Industrial Boiler Repairs, Installation, & Maintenance

When your operations rely on boiler-powered equipment, you need an industrial boiler team on call, 24/7. That’s precisely what our boiler repair, installation, replacement, and maintenance team provides. With more than a century in the boiler repair business, you can trust us to understand your industrial boiler inside and out. Whether we are performing routine maintenance or starting up a brand-new industrial boiler, our team performs all services according to the highest standards of safety and quality. Learn more about Hayes Mechanical’s industrial boiler repair services in Chicago, Illinois; Omaha, Nebraska; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Saginaw, Michigan; and St. Louis, Missouri.

We Work on Your Entire Industrial Boiler System

Anyone who works with an industrial boiler knows that it’s not really a single system in many cases. The proper functioning of your boiler relies on various functions, and many auxiliary systems may need service alongside your boiler. Since each factory is unique, it’s easy to feel like you’ll never find someone who can repair and maintain your specific boiler. We work on almost any boiler or auxiliary system, including:

  • Boiler Erection, Installation and Repair

  • Power Boilers

  • Heat Recovery Steam Generator

  • Fluidized Bed

  • Waste to Energy

  • Packaged Boilers

  • Power Plant Appurtenances

  • Fans, Ductwork, Breeching and Stacks

  • Air Heaters, Wet Scrubbers, Soot Blowers and Piping

  • Auxiliary Feed and Return Systems

  • Deaerator and Condensate Systems

  • 24/7 Emergency Services

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What is The Difference Between Commercial & Industrial Boiler Repair

People commonly mistake commercial and industrial boiler repair services, but they are very different. At its most basic level, commercial boilers are used in commercial facilities like high-rise buildings, office buildings, museums, theaters, and apartments. They typically provide hot water or steam to a building. Industrial boilers are more often used in factories to power equipment and machinery or provide hot water or steam as part of a manufacturing process. Whether you have an industrial or commercial boiler, our boiler service team can help you. We offer both commercial and industrial boiler repairs, installations, and maintenance.


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Maintaining Your Industrial Boiler

Almost no boiler breakdown is more costly than when an industrial boiler fails. An unexpected boiler breakdown can halt operations and even become a danger to your facility. The best way to prevent surprise outages is to get routine maintenance on your boiler. We will clean and inspect the entire boiler and the systems it relies upon. Regular maintenance can also ensure that your boiler is working at peak capacity.

We provide industrial boiler repair, installation, and maintenance services in several locations across the United States. We are known nationwide for reliable service, emergency availability, and exceptional craftsmanship everywhere from Pittsburgh to Phoenix. However, not all of our locations have a dedicated team for industrial boiler repairs. 

Call Now for Emergency Industrial Boiler Repair Services!

We know that industrial boiler repairs can be an emergency that requires immediate attention. That’s why we offer emergency boiler repairs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No matter when your boiler begins to fail, we’ll be here to help keep your operations going. Whether you need an emergency service call or to arrange for an industrial boiler service, it all starts with your first contact. Learn more about Hayes Mechanical’s industrial boiler repair services in and around Chicago, Illinois; Omaha, Nebraska; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Saginaw, Michigan; and St. Louis, Missouri. We typically operate and perform services within a 200 to 300-mile radius, depending on the branch and the service. Contact the branch nearest to your industrial property to learn if we can be of service.