Commercial HVAC

Commercial HVAC Services in Chicago, IL, Omaha, NE, St. Louis, MO, & Pittsburgh, PA

Serving Commercial HVAC Clients’ Installation, Maintenance, Service, & Repair Needs

Hayes Mechanical has an extensive history of helping commercial clients keep their buildings running optimally. Since 1918, we have served the needs of businesses of all types with a comprehensive list of HVAC installation, maintenance, service, and repair capabilities. Our trained commercial HVAC technicians have the experience and knowledge to keep your heating/cooling equipment and systems functioning properly, dependably, and efficiently. Our expertise covers all types of HVAC systems and equipment, including high-efficiency boilers, vintage boilers, HVAC auxiliary equipment, and commercial piping systems.

Trust Hayes Mechanical to install, maintain, service, repair, and provide emergency services for your commercial buildings and facilities so that you can concentrate on running your business in Chicago, IL, Omaha, NE, St. Louis, MO, Pittsburgh, PA, and their surrounding areas.

Keeping You Comfortable with Commercial HVAC Services

Your buildings’ and facilities’ heating, cooling, refrigeration equipment and systems require professional expertise to install, maintain, repair, and service. Hayes Mechanical’s technician teams have provided over a century of service in the commercial HVAC industry. Our commercial HVAC capabilities address a wide range of projects, from simple repairs on an existing HVAC unit to installing new, high-efficiency equipment. We also offer commercial refrigeration installation, maintenance, service, and repairs at hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and other food and beverage businesses. Whether you run a food processing plant, a busy restaurant, or a private office, Hayes Mechanical’s technicians will keep your HVAC and refrigeration equipment performing at peak efficiency.

Commercial Plumbing Installation, Maintenance, Service, and Repair  

Hayes Mechanical’s commercial plumbing team has the skilled knowledge, experience, and expertise to manage and execute your commercial plumbing requirements for new installations, renovations, repairs, and service. Our professionally trained plumbing teams bring their best-in-class capabilities every day to both large and small projects as well as service and maintenance needs. Whether your needs are commercial real estate-related or within an industrial factory environment, Hayes Mechanical will exceed your expectations performing work from the simple to the complex, on time, and on budget.

Professional Expertise for All Types of Boilers and Boiler Auxiliary Equipment

Our teams of service technicians and boilermakers at Hayes Mechanical handle a wide array of boiler requirements on all types of boilers, including the latest high-efficiency designs and vintage boilers. Hayes Mechanical is your commercial/industrial boiler expert with over a century of experience installing, maintaining, servicing, and repairing boilers. Our expertise and experience encompass the many facets of steam, hot water/hydronic systems, whether used for comfort heating or plant process needs.

Hayes Mechanical’s service technicians work with a wide variety of burner systems, including forced air power, atmospheric, and the latest high-efficiency burner system technology.

Installation, maintenance, service, and repair of your boiler's auxiliary equipment and systems is a key capability in keeping your building/process systems working at peak performance. Hayes Mechanical specializes in deaerators, vacuum systems, make-up and water feed units, condensate return systems, and much more.

  • High-Efficiency Condensing Boilers
  • Steel Tube Boilers (both new and vintage)
  • Steam and Hydronic Boiler Systems
  • Steam Traps
  • Deaerators
  • Condensate Return Units / Vacuum Systems

Commercial Sheet Metal Ductwork Installation, Service and Repair

The highly skilled sheet metal teams at Hayes Mechanical are experienced union sheet metal professionals with expertise in installing, modifying, and repairing ductwork of all types. Our sheet metal workers are experts with a broad range of experience working with spiral, stainless steel, flue/stack venting, plus single and double-wall duct applications. Hayes Mechanical can execute the simple to complex, on time and on budget, from typical commercial office and building needs to your plant process supply and exhaust ductwork requirements.

Commercial Piping Installation, Service, and Repair

Your commercial piping requirements and projects call for the specialized skills and professional expertise offered by Hayes Mechanical. Our project managers and field installation teams possess the commercial piping knowledge, training, and on-site experience required to safely perform high-quality commercial piping work on time and on budget.


Hayes Mechanical’s capabilities include all types of commercial piping system installations, maintenance, and repairs. Whether you are considering a new installation, planning renovations/expansion/additions, or simple service needs, you can count on Hayes Mechanical.

  • Hot and Cold Water Piping
  • Steam and Condensate Return Piping
  • System Valve Replacements and Installations
  • Chilled Water and Tower Condensing Water Piping

Let Hayes Mechanical Serve You Across the USA

Hayes Mechanical is your trusted full-service mechanical services provider for all your commercial mechanical needs. System installations, maintenance, service, and repairs of your HVAC systems, boiler systems, plumbing systems, and piping are just a few areas of our expertise. Whether located in or around Chicago, IL, Omaha, NE, Pittsburgh, PA, St. Louis, MO, or Minneapolis, MN, you can trust our service teams to meet your needs and solve your problems by applying over a century of experience and knowledge. Contact us today to let us know your project requirements or schedule your service.