Reliable Industrial Piping Systems in Chicago, IL, St. Louis (Belleville, IL), Omaha, NE, Saginaw, MI, and Pittsburgh, PA.

Navigating the complexities of industrial piping demands a partner with unmatched skill, uncompromised quality, and a solid track record. That’s where Hayes Mechanical steps in. Serving key locations such as Chicago, St. Louis, Omaha, Saginaw, and Pittsburgh, we’re positioned to deliver top-tier industrial piping solutions right where you need them. Our century-plus history sets us apart as trusted specialists, offering comprehensive services spanning installation, maintenance, and repair. We’re dedicated to providing industrial piping excellence, leveraging the latest technologies and best practices to ensure your systems and infrastructure are robust, efficient, and perfectly aligned with your operational needs. Trust us to bring expertise and quality service to every project, enhancing the performance and reliability of your industrial systems.

Explore Our Industrial Piping Services

We offer a full suite of industrial piping services designed to address the unique needs of each project with precision and reliability. Our skilled union certified pipefitters bring their deep expertise in pipe fabrication, heavy rigging, and steel pipe fabrication into every task. Whether it’s a complex process piping project or a custom pipe and fabrication need, we work tirelessly to ensure our solutions are innovative, sustainable, and tailored to the specific requirements of your operations. Our services include:

  • Piping Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

  • A.S.M.E. Code Work for Piping and Vessels

  • Mechanical Equipment Installation

  • Heavy Rigging

  • Heavy Wall Welding

  • Power Piping

  • Process Piping

  • Pipe Fabrication and Erection Services

  • Instrumentation and Controls Installation

  • Utilization of Carbon, Stainless, Exotic Metals, and PVC

  • Expansion Joint Installation and Repair

  • Plant Outage Services

  • Plant Maintenance Services

  • 24/7 Emergency Service

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Tailored Industrial Piping Solutions
We provide industry-specific solutions, emphasizing how various sectors gain from our industrial piping expertise. Our proficiency extends to energy and power plants, where we install systems to withstand high pressures and temperatures, ensuring reliability in critical operations. In the pharmaceutical sector, we prioritize sterile materials and precision installation, which are crucial for maintaining product integrity. Food and beverage clients benefit from our understanding of sanitary piping systems, which are essential for safety and quality control. Additionally, our work in chemical processing plants focuses on corrosion-resistant materials, safeguarding against leaks, and enhancing efficiency. This diverse industry expertise reinforces our ability to meet specialized needs with precision and excellence.

Discover the Benefits of Choosing Hayes Mechanical
Selecting Hayes Mechanical for your industrial piping needs guarantees access to seasoned experts with over a century of experience. Our team stands for reliability, showcasing a commitment to craftsmanship that meets your project’s demands with precision. Our track record of handling complex piping challenges ensures your systems are built for resilience and longevity. By choosing us, clients benefit from a partnership prioritizing quality, efficiency, and sustainable solutions. Trust in Hayes Mechanical’s expertise for industrial piping projects that stand the test of time.

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If you want to elevate the efficiency and durability of your industrial or commercial facility’s piping systems, consider Hayes Mechanical your go-to partner. Our proven expertise in industrial piping, coupled with a century-long history of satisfied clients, positions us uniquely to address your needs with precision and care. Reach out today to discuss your project with our specialist and discover how we can bring our legacy of excellence to your operations. Your project deserves the best, and Hayes Mechanical is here to exceed your expectations.


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